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Facial Trauma

Any facial injury means both physical and emotional suffering for patients. Facial injuries can be caused various ways-violence, work-related, car or motorcycle accidents, sport injuries, or falls. The injuries can be classified into categories:

  1. Soft tissue injuries (skin or gums; Figure a)
  2. Bone injuries (fractures; Figure b)
  3. Injuries to specific regions (facial nerves, eye area, salivary glands)
  4. Dislodged tooth (Figure c)

As a trained oral and maxillofacial surgeon with staff privileges at Clark County, Harrison County and Jewish Hospitals, Dr. Homrighausen is eminently qualified to treat facial trauma.

Dr. Homrighausen's skill and knowledge in diagnosing and treating facial injuries qualifies him to restore your appearance and function.

Figure A

Mouth or Lip Trauma

Figure B

Mouth or Lip Trauma

Figure C

Injuries to specific regions