90 percent of my office days go as scheduled without any major changes or curveballs. Sometimes a jaw fracture or multiple emergencies from other offices can put a strain on not only me but the office staff as well. In order to maintain mental stability I believe a stress release needs to be placed in your daily regimen.

I was a cyclist in college and that transferred into competitive triathlons since 1989. The highs and lows of the day can be uplifting but at the same time can be a drag. Six days a week I like to come back to earth training for triathlons. Swimming, biking and running all play a large role in my remaining mentally prepared for what the next day might bring.

Jumping on the bike through the beautiful hills of southern Indiana allows me to clear the mind and think about my job and family. The same goes for training runs or
lap swims…. it’s that 1 to 3 hours a day I have to myself to restructure my agenda, plan for patients, or plan my week’s activities while not at work!! Not to mention it keeps me fit for the physically demanding job of an oral surgeon and it keeps me sound in mind!!!

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