New-Albany marathon

October 28, 2012 I participated in the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington D.C. This race was a 24 hour adventure. I arrived in Baltimore on Saturday prior to the race, checked in, found my hotel, ate and then went straight to bed. Stress was high not only due to the short 24 hour turnaround but also because Hurricane Sandy was quickly approaching!

The race was an overwhelming experience, although I have competed in Boston, New York, and Chicago

Marathons the emotional and physical obstacles made this experience truly epic. The uncertainty of getting home after the race due to weather certainly weighed heavy on the mind.

Race day arrived; I made my way to the Pentagon for the start. In the runners village much to my surprise I stumbled upon a church service ministered by Marines. Inspiration was high and the message that the Lord would be picking up our feet pulling us along after hitting the wall was good to hear!

Next was the National Anthem, the Osprey flyover, and then it was time to outrun a hurricane and get home. I knew I was in shape but I had no idea how my body would hold up. Throughout the race the wind was fierce and draining. Although it wasn’t raining you could feel a storm was eminent. The headwind near the Potomac River destroyed my spirits but the view of The Smithsonian and The Capital provided a much needed adrenaline rush!! At this point I was right on pace to qualify for Boston (another adrenaline rush) I tried to pick up the pace but was greeted with another strong headwind with 6 miles to go. I watched 3 runners go down and I was wondering if I were next. As I climbed the hill prior to finish at the Iwo Jima Memorial I realized I would fall just short of qualifying for Boston. I did meet my personal goal. As you can see in the picture my smile was ear to ear.

Next was the train ride to the hotel, a drive to the airport, and yes a safe flight home on Sunday evening. Washington D.C. was shutdown the next 3 days due to the hurricane. I made it home without difficulty on that Sunday and YES I did outrun Hurricane Sandy!!

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