Frank "Buck" Wiseman

I had been fitted with an upper partial denture and lower bridge that served its purpose for a long time now. When the bridge fell out and it was determined that there was not enough natural teeth to hook a new bridge to, I was faced with the decision to have a lower denture made. My family dentist told me about dental implants to retain dentures. I must say I was a bit apprehensive at first. I also must say, I love my dental implants. I can eat anything without the worry that my lower denture might slip or come out. I have no problems what so ever with them. I pop the dentures out in the morning, brush them, clean around the post, snap them back in, and I am on my way. I have definitely recommended them for others.

Clematis Wallace

Dr. Homrighausen and his staff create an extremely friendly atmosphere. They made me feel completely at ease during my surgery while delivering the service promised. I would definitely recommend this oral and facial surgical office to anyone looking for quality service within a reasonable budget. Now I can enjoy my beautiful smile.

Ravenna Ledger

Please know how great you all are. Three of you apologized for appointment running late because you were helping someone who had an emergency. I feel you go above and beyond. An award should be given to all of you. Thanks again for your excellent care.

Shirley Turner

Dr and Staff were very kind and compassionate. They all made me feel good and that they truly cared about my comfort.

Brent Morris

My experience with Dr. Homrighausen goes back to 2003, when I decided to have my upper partial plate replaced with dental implants. I also had three teeth missing in my lower jaw. Over a course of three years, the implants were set and crowned. I have been chewing normally ever since. I will tell anyone that dental implants are the way to go when you have teeth missing. It is as good as original equipment. My experience during the process was very pleasant; the staff is excellent and friendly. I heartily recommend Dr Homrighausen for any implant work you are considering.

Betty Morris

This is my 3rd visit to Dr Homrighausen over the 16 years we have lived here. He and his staff are great!

Matthew Osterhoudt

I think Dr. H is cool!

Elaine Schimpff

The cheerful staff and doctor helped make it all a positive experience. Ya did a great job-Doc!

Vicki Higdon-Horine

These are words my family uses to describe Dr. Homrighausen and his team.

Our daughter needed her wisdom teeth removed. Her dentist would not do this procedure and gave us some names. I checked with my dentist and he made some of the same suggestions. We had a common oral surgeon and one that my husband attributes to saving his jaw bone.

I could not believe how quick his office was to get her in, consult with us, do the procedure and follow up multiple times once the procedure was done.

While waiting with her in recovery, I noticed the pictures hanging in the hall. They were pictures of Dr. Homrighausen with young Olympians...Special Olympians.

We got a call the night before her procedure making sure she was ready, knew what to do and a request to see if we could come a few minutes later. There was a young boy needing a surgical procedure and the Dr. liked to get the young patients in first. That was fine with us.

As I waited for our daughter to get into recovery, I spoke with another parent in the waiting area. This was the mother of the young boy. She shared her anxiousness because her son has Asperger's Syndrome. As a special education teacher, I was so pleased to know Dr. Homrighausen and his crew worked with individuals having special needs. The entire office staff and medical team treated us with care and respect. They were supportive to their patients and the patients' families. We can't say enough good things about our experience. If you would like to know more, feel free to email us at Emily was so proud of her shirt "Got Wisdom Teeth". She will advertise with pride.

Laura McKinstry

I am very pleased with the care I have received. The procedure was fully explained and all my questions were answered. It was nice not to have to go to Louisville for care. Dr. Homrighausen and staff were very caring and patient.

Daniel Haney

My surgery went considerably well. I was given the proper instructions to have a SPEEDY RECOVERY!

Michelle Hesier

Very friendly and professional. I have recommended several family and friends to Dr. Homrighausen. The staff is awesome.

Ali Farnsley

The staff and Dr. Homrighausen are very friendly and extremely professional. I was informed on everything from what to do to before the procedure to what will happen after. I felt comfortable and my surgery went perfectly! I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Betty Emberton

Very, very friendly staff; you all made me feel very comfortable. Thank you for your kindness.

Angie Kleer

All three of my children have been seen by Dr. Homrighausen in the last couple of years. Each time has been a positive experience. I have been very pleased with the services and the attention of the Doctor and staff. They do a great job making everyone feel comfortable and informed.

Kay Hartman

My visits to Dr. Homrighausen's office have been so nice. Everyone that works there is very kind and caring. Dr. Homrighausen is so friendly and always wants the best for his patients. He calls my home to make sure I am doing well after surgery. Visit his office and you will receive the same treatment.

Cindy Hundley

Dr H has been taking care of all 3 kids' teeth for the last 4 years. The care was everything I wanted but never really expected to get. I'm told I expect too much when it comes to customer service. Dr H's Staff is very caring! When my son's procedure was finished, we returned home with pain medicine and gauze but the best part for me, as a mom, was the personal phone call from Dr H asking how he was doing, not a call from the office staff! He is available via cell when I have had concerns after all procedures. He has done this each and every time we have seen him. The staff is excellent and Dr H is superb! I highly recommend them for all your oral surgery needs! Very pleased customer!

Jerry Pavey

My visit was excellent and helpful!

Tina Burden

Thank you Dr Homrighausen and Staff. I am very happy to have you as my oral surgeon. You do excellent work, keep it up!

James Daugherty

Have seen Dr. Homrighausen several times. Found doctor and staff to be professional and outgoing. Would definitely recommend him to anyone.