In today’s dental profession, ethics play a very important role in the overall success of the practice. It all begins with Doctor and patient trust. There are multiple principals and morals that every doctor must adhere to in order to be a respected clinician and an honorable one.

When choosing a general dentist I always encourage my patients to interview more than one. Different dentists have different practices and offer services that are unique to each patient. You need to find a dentist that meets your needs depending on cost, insurance, and trust!! You should take from the interview that “its all about the patient”!

I must mention when your dentist sends you to my practice for services it is unethical for me to refer you to a different dentist, Many patients have asked me to refer them to a new dentist for one reason or another. I will not jeopardize my relationship with my referral base if asked by patients to do so. This is a code I take seriously!!!

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