Amalgam and Resins

A big dilemma today is where do silver fillings fit into today’s dental profession. Many dentists have eliminated amalgam(silver) fillings from their practice. White resin fillings are more profitable and aesthetic but not always better.

Amalgam isn’t as pretty but DOES have an important place in today’s dental profession.

Amalgam fillings are best used in molar teeth where chewing forces are great and must withstand extreme forces. Deep cavities on the sides of teeth are also an indication for silver fillings. Even the best practitioner’s hands can’t keep the operative field dry and the success of a white restoration depends on it. Therefore, amalgam fillings, with their ease of placement and durability are the product of choice in these areas. If there are any concerns of safety….. dental amalgam has a 150 year track record as one the best, safest, and least expensive dental material in use as of March 2012!!!

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