In September 2014, Dr Homrighausen treated his staff with a trip to the AAOMS National Meeting in Hawaii. While continuing education was the motivation for the trip, many other activities and attractions added to the adventure. Each day provided a different vacation dream. The days were spent exploring Diamond Head Crater, snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, [...]

Dr. James K. Homrighausen was a finalist for the Ninth Annual Republic Bank We CARE Award.  The We CARE award recognizes companies that encourage their employees to become involved in volunteer activities that make an impact on our community. Dr. James K. Homrighausen’s community involvement and volunteer efforts include participation in Salvation Army Coat Drive, [...]

Dr. James Homrighausen explains the risk factors and symptoms of oral cancer. He was interviewed by WHAS 11 about the significant importance that oral cancer plays in dental health and screening. To obtain your oral cancer screening, please contact Dr. Homrighausen’s office at 812-944-4000.

New-Albany marathon

October 28, 2012 I participated in the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington D.C. This race was a 24 hour adventure. I arrived in Baltimore on Saturday prior to the race, checked in, found my hotel, ate and then went straight to bed. Stress was high not only due to the short 24 hour turnaround but [...]


Free Oral Cancer Screening April 15th, To Register, call 812.944.4000 Just because you can’t feel it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  Just ask the more than 100,000 Americans who were diagnosed with cancers of the head and neck which includes the oral cavity, thyroid, larynx and pharynx. Oral, head and neck cancers claim approximately 13,000 [...]

Please know how great you all are. Three of you apologized for appointment running late because you were helping someone who had an emergency. I feel you go above and beyond. An award should be given to all of you. Thanks again for your excellent care.

Dr. Homrighausen and his staff create an extremely friendly atmosphere. They made me feel completely at ease during my surgery while delivering the service promised. I would definitely recommend this oral and facial surgical office to anyone looking for quality service within a reasonable budget. Now I can enjoy my beautiful smile.

The staff and Dr. Homrighausen are very friendly and extremely professional. I was informed on everything from what to do to before the procedure to what will happen after. I felt comfortable and my surgery went perfectly! I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

I had been fitted with an upper partial denture and lower bridge that served its purpose for a long time now. When the bridge fell out and it was determined that there was not enough natural teeth to hook a new bridge to, I was faced with the decision to have a lower denture made. [...]

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